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The expressionism of the Colline Biellesi

In the history of the art happens to meet the Manet’s operas and understand the benefits from the reality show: be part of it and not give a merely glance of a beautiful moment like a hint of a marvelous fragrance in a garden. An entirely world of colors, hills, lakes and woods is enveloped in a system of links, like as a clever refuse of order that can be materialized with a brush stroke. The same emotional “world” may be appear with a glass of wine. During an exclusive wine tasting session organized by the Colline Biellesi Association that took place at Villa Era from Novemeber 17th through the 19th, journalists and buyers from all over the world, had the chance to experience how time passes by. They discovered the Bramaterra, Coste Sesia and Lessona denominations potentials and its prosperous future.
These little rising wines denominations are produced today in 1500 hectares of soils rich of history. The Nebbiolo grapes in this land, based on morainic and volcanic soils is very muc…

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